First Visit


On your first visit to our office in, you will be welcomed as a member of our family and our receptionist will greet you with a warm smile. You will then be asked to fill out our required forms which will help us gain some information about yourself and your condition.

One of our doctors or our case manager will then talk with you and ask you some specific questions regarding your health history and condition to determine if wellness care may benefit you. If one of our doctors can help you, the case manager will let you know. If one of our doctors cannot help you, you will be referred to another specialist that will be able to help you the most. Nothing will be done in our office without your consent.


After a thorough consultation in our office with the one of doctors, you will have a complete wellness examination. This will include testing your reflexes, your ability to turn and bend as well as other standard orthopedic, neurologic, postural, and physical examinations. The doctor will gain valuable information regarding your condition, and then base the diagnosis and treatment plan accordingly. If necessary, the doctor may take X-rays or refer you for additional testing procedures.


X-ray is sometimes required to get a full evaluation of a patient. The need for X-ray is considered on a case by case basis. To see is to know, not to se is to guess and we wont guess about your health.

Report of Findings

Once all the information and examinations have been performed, the doctor will give you a report of findings and tell you recommendations for treatment.

About Your Health


Pain in your body is a warning signal that something is wrong and needs attention. Just as you would not turn off the smoke alarm in your home without investigating the fire, you should examine the source or cause of the pain signals which your body sends to you as warning signs that something is wrong and needs help. The anatomy of your spine, hip and leg is complicated in nature. There are millions of nerve and muscle fibers in the area, giving strength and stability to the body. In addition there are major blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and vital internal organs.

The nervous system is your master control system. It is made up of the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves. It controls and coordinates all other organs and systems. It stands to reason that the healthy expression of life depends upon properly functioning nervous system.

The nervous system is protected within a protective bony armor. The brain is protected by the skull. It extends directly into the spinal cord which is protected by 24 moving bones called the «vertebrae».

The spine must be properly aligned so that the nerves can be protected. This allows optimum communication (nerve impulse transmission) to exist between the brain and the rest of the body. This correct alignment of the spine results in the highest state of health.

Regular, periodic visits to all health care providers (dentists, optometrists, medical, acupuncture and chiropractic doctors) make good sense in health care. It is very true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so even after you begin to see signs of improvement continue to follow your doctor’s recommendations to assure complete care and lasting wellness.

Improve your back’s health by using good posture, staying active, eating right, and taking time to relax. Talk with your our wellness consultant about exercises for strengthening your back. When lifting, bend your knees and keep your back straight. Hold the load against your body. Lift up with your leg muscles rather than back muscles. Whatever you do, don’t twist to the side when lifting!

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